You Have Won a Car SCAM

Two Defendants Plead Guilty in Multimillion Dollar Prize Promotion Scams Targeting Elderly Victims
United States v. Burke and Rossi

Press Release
Docket Number: 2:16-CR-0262 (D. Nev.)

On Dec. 12, 2017, Glen Burke pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and criminal contempt of court in connection with two prize promotion schemes that defrauded thousands of victims, many of whom were elderly, out of more than $20 million. In pleading guilty, Burke admitted that victims were told they had won cars, boats, or other prizes they could claim by purchasing hundreds of dollars’ worth of vitamins. In return, victims received worthless costume jewelry.

Michael Rossi, second-in-command at the telemarketing scheme, also pleaded guilty to that conspiracy. Burke also admitted that in a second scheme, he ran a direct-mail campaign that falsely promised victims millions of dollars in cash prizes for a $20 to $30 fee. Burke admitted that his conduct violated a prior court order barring him from making misrepresentations to consumers.